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About Dr. Sally Knox

Breast Surgeon and Consultant

Dr Sally Knox, MD FACS is a surgical oncologist specializing in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast cancer. She currently heads up the AraliaMed team.

She practiced for 30 years at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in downtown Dallas with a team of breast cancer specialists who are passionate about stamping out breast cancer.

Dr Knox was co-founder of the Bridge Breast Network to assist women in the community who were under-insured to obtain breast services including mammograms, diagnostic procedures, surgical and oncologic care.

Many thousands of lives have been touched by the Bridge Breast Network and the organization has served as a model for other communities.

Dr Knox stepped out of her surgical practice in 2016 to work with a non-profit organization focusing on uplifting and equipping men and women to fulfill their God-ordained callings. She continues to be active as a consultant.

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