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We help breast cancer patients regain control through building community and understanding their medical information.

Ask Dr. Knox and our Medical Team your Questions

Get access to Dr Sally Knox, a breast surgical oncologist, and other guest consultants to tackle your burning health questions. We love to tackle the confusion and restore clarity so you are equipped to take ownership of your health journey.

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Benefit from the expertise of Dr. Sally and other health professionals to help clear the fog and restore peace in your breast cancer journey, regardless of whether you've just started or have been on this journey for years.

We know there are sensitive topics it's hard to bring up with your doctor or friends.

We know that the physical battle is defined, but what about processing the emotional and spiritual challenges? Let us bring fresh insight to support the whole you.

Medical Record Review

Information overload is common in newly diagnosed cancer patients. We can help you wrangle those medical records under control and understand the content.

Uplift Club Membership

Let us walk along side you as you navigate this journey. The AraliaMed Uplift club is a community of fellow journey-people with zoom conferences, courses and resources focused on supporting you through your individual path through cancer.

What Makes AraliaMed Different

Faith Based

AraliaMed is a christian hosted platform and we firmly believe in the power of faith to guide us through life's challenges, including a cancer diagnosis.

Hope in Chaos

Reawaken hope by accessing resources, support, and encouragement you need to navigate this cancer journey with confidence and optimism.​

Loving Environment

We provide our clients with a safe, compassionate, and loving space where they can share their fears, concerns, and hopes.

Cultivate Joy

We know that cancer treatment can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining, but we also believe that it is possible to find joy and beauty in the midst of the struggle.

In June of 2022 Dr Knox received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Attorneys Serving the Community (ASC) in Dallas, Texas for her work with Bridge Breast Network.

About Me

Hey! My name is Dr. Sally Knox, MD FACS and I founded the AraliaMed team. I am a breast cancer surgeon in practice for over 30 years and understand that initial shock and overwhelm every patient faces upon hearing the word "cancer". I now focus on providing support to patients diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. We want to help both you and your medical team work together successfully by helping you through the fog and overwhelm.


"This is amazing! Thank you for all you do! There was a hospital who was making it very difficult for me to get my medical records, they even confused mine with another. This service you are offering is going to help many!"

- Lisa

"I understand it better now. Thank you so very much for your response. You've been such a help to so many!"

- Jodi

"We appreciate your time , expertise , encouragement and prayers xx thank you"

- Saragh

Breast Cancer Resources

Leaning into Jesus in Times of Testing

Let's explore the importance of relying on one's faith in Jesus Christ during times of difficulty and challenge in healing from cancer. This also offers practical advice on how to turn to Jesus for strength and guidance during these trials.

Things to know about your Pathology Report

This article provides valuable information and guidance for anyone who wants to better understand their pathology report and take an active role in their healthcare.

Find Peace in the Chaos. Ditch the Overwhelm. Own your Medical Decision with Confidence.

Find Peace in the Chaos. Ditch the Overwhelm. Own your Medical Decision with Confidence.

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