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Dr Sally Knox, breast surgeon and team

Dr Knox was part of a cancer center breast oncology team in Dallas Texas for 30 + years. Recognizing the challenge facing every cancer patient and family, her focus now is consulting and helping patients navigate successfully through the mountain of information and bewildering medical jargon to truly understand their own medical situation. 

In her words:

"I believe it is important to equip patients and help them work with their medical teams. I have seen first hand that when patients truly understand the information flooding in, the tension starts to dissipate. When patients relax, they hear more of what their medical team is saying and participate with confidence in the discussions. It's a win-win for both the patient and the team."

"My passion is going further than just medical information to the emotional and spiritual healing. The physical battle and strategy is well defined and available from many sources. What many don't know is how to beat the fear that tries to control the patient and family for years after the cancer treatment is complete. True health and healing comes from not allowing cancer to control, and we can help you do that."

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